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 Banjers' Equipment  

Please go to WORKSHOP in the private pages, to find this Banjer's equipment devoted page

 BMC Partners

Rogger Motorsailer Club  
The Rogger Motorsailer Club, has been our "parent Club". With the invaluable help and encouragement of Mr. Hans Havers, the RMC Chairman, is that finally the Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club and this site are today available for you, Banjer 37 owners and enthusiasts. We hope to build up a Club al least as well organized as theirs. From here our gratitude. (Dutch)

Doerak Club
Another Eista Werf creation, and the most popular, Doeraks has been sold in great numbers, up to 2.500. There is an active Class organization, the Doerak Club with more than 250 members. One of them Frank Koorneef has been of outstanding help to develop the BMC site, providing lots of info about Banjers.

From the hands of Frank Koorneef, all of us can now enjoy this excellent site, dedicated to EISTA WERF, the creators of Banjers, Roggers, Doeraks, Krammers, and many more. Most interesting.

Krammer Motorsailer Club.
New "Eista Kid" on the block. This sturdy little motorsailers have now a dedicated Club, by the hands of Joop Bolder in The Netherlands.

Pro Aqua Yachting  
Specialized in the original Doerak and Marak yatchs. There are always approx. 40 Doerak and Marak yachts available for sale and occasionally some other types made by the Eista Werf are available as well.

A most important Dutch tugs company, that supported the BMC for the 2004 Gathering.

Mike Menzies Marina. NZ.
Specialists in osmosis repairs and machining, and GRP surveys. Located at Aucklad, New Zealand, they helped the BMsClub founder to reach his first fellow member.

 Boat Designing & Construction

Boat Design connects boatbuilders and designers on the web, highlighting innovations in both small and large powerboat design, showcasing great boatbuilding projects by amateurs and professionals, and providing access to resources, materials, and inspirational sites.

Marine Design Software  
Portal to some of the most relevant ships and boats design software sites (professional).

Free Boat design Resources
Lots of useful stuff for the DIY designer

Understanding Boat Design
Ted Brewer has put up an excellent primer for those who want to understand boat designs, and the ratios often used to describe them.

The Amateur Boatbuilder's page
Very interesting site, from O.A. Ardali. Excellent links and reference books about boatbuilding.

 Boats info/reviews

Archive boats data from Yachtsnet.
Very good service providing info on boats no longer for sale on their listings from this yacht brokerage service in the UK. Also the same nice info for boats they have for sale, absolutely!

Boat reviews by owners
From the pages of

Reviews from owners at SailNet's pages.


Yacht Piracy
The idea of this website is to provide as much information as possible, like the dangerous areas and how to avoid attacks.

Let shoreside relatives and friends feel a part of your next voyage by plotting your daily positions on the web. The service is free and there are other benefits...

Sailing & Cruising Database
Sailor and sailboats information exchange including links, crew list and boat and gear for sale ads.

Sailing the Portuguese Coast  
An excellent starting place and reference site with all the information you need to know to navigate the Portuguese coast. On this coast it is important to remember "if in doubt, stay out".  In English. Very good.

Jimmy Cornell's excellent site, covering 1559 ports in 191 countries (06/08/2004), with information on clearance formalities, visa requirements, fees, weather, special events and other facts needed by visiting sailors. Also featured are details of repair facilities as well as marine and shore services for every major port visited by cruising boats.

Seven Seas Cruising Association
Created 47 years ago, the Seven Seas Cruising Association has more than 10.000 thousand members sharing the dream of sailing the sea as a lifestyle. A site full of useful links and information.

Cruiser Log
The one stop sailing resource. Cruiser homepages, yacht positions, free crewfinder, radio nets, books on cruising, message board, marine links and many more. Made by cruising people for cruising people. Very good.

Cruising Association
A very useful UK Cruising Site, with summaries: Auf Deutsch, On Français, En Español, En Italiano, Em Português, In het Nederlands.

Mediterranean Sailing
Rod Heikell's site for sailing in the Med. Includes Mediterranean news, weather, forum, articles, links and more. Useful links for Mediterranean weather forecasting.

Sailing Issues
Diederik Willemsen clever site with very good information about navigation and sailing in Greek waters. Includes a chapter devoted to rare and unique information about Greece. Excellent.

Sail the World
Comment préparer un "grand voyage", depuis le financement du bateau jusqu’à l’achat des cartes, en passant par la scolarisation des enfants, la pharmacie du bord, les pièces de rechange et l’environnement légal ?
A bord de Sail-the-World, des marins, amateurs, rêveurs, experts, curieux, bricoleurs astucieux, pécheurs invétérés ou poètes gourmands.
Vivante, accueillante et passionnée, Sail-the-World est votre association.

Cruising Web  
This page is dedicated to all sailors, dreamers and adventurers who sail, cruise and race, especially on small sailboats everywhere.

 Directories/Links Sites

UK Sail Cruising Directory. Cruising information, articles, sources and resources for the UK yachting community

Apparent Wind
Very good sailing links directory from Mark Rosensteins.

Best Boat Links on the Net
You'll be caught in this comprehensive list of prime boating sites.

The Mother of All Maritime Links
Just what it says.  Directory
Most comprehensive web directory in the planet (so they say), with thousands of references in their Boating section.

Helpful and friendly directory for links to sailing related resources on the net.
A good selection of links. Comprehensive and well organized directory.

Sail-the-net features a marine directory with 24,000+ listings, free crew swap for skippers, owners and crew, boat jumble - sell and buy used gear, on-line cruising guide - find information on harbours, marinas, anchorages & moorings and an extensive links section.

Marine Waypoints
Commercially oriented directory (USA), with useful general links and info.

 Equipment:  Tests & Studies

Safety Studies at US Sailing.  
Various safety-minded groups across the United States have taken on the task of learning specifics of certain safety devices or techniques. These groups have agreed to publish their research here.
Includes, anchoring, radar, PFD, rafts, MOB, lifeslings and many more.

Boat Equipment  
Boat's equipment, tips for using it, and boat's parts, by Bill Dietrich. Comprehensive!

The ABC's of Life Rafts, by Gene Gruender
If you have to choose between the life raft or EPIRB, you should better get the EPIRB. It won't do you any good to be floating around out there if no one finds you. If you have enough money left, then get the life raft....

Principles and Performance of Anchors  
All you need to know about anchoring and more. Includes an useful nomogram.

Investigation of The Use of Drogues To Improve The Safety of Sailing Yachts
by U.S. Coast Guard, Groton, CT

Controllable Pitch Propellers.
By Michael Kasten. Very good.


Yatch Club burgees the world around.Modern sailing vessels fly the Burgee from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast, while older sailing vessels fly the burgee from the main masthead. Power boats fly the Burgee off a short staff on the bow.

Flags of the World
FOTW (Flags Of The World) is a site originally established by Giuseppe Bottasini, and devoted to vexillology. Here you can read more than 9300 pages about flags and view more than 16,900 images of flags.

Flags of Recreational Boating   
What it says, including a Flag Etiquette page. Very good. In Spanish and English.

Animated Flags of the World
Outstanding site with animated countries' flags free for use in personal pages. We used them to build this site.

 Great Solo Sailors
A tribute to all those brave men, to whom the Commodore ows his sailing dreams...

Joshua Slocum
On April 24, 1895, at the age of 51, he departed Boston in his tiny sloop Spray and sailed around the world single-handed, a passage of 46,000 miles, returning to Newport, Rhode Island on June 27, 1898

The Vito Dumas non official site.
A great site for a great sailor, made and maintained by enthousiast Jorge Mario Bertolino (In Spanish)

Bernard Moitessier
Who has not dreamed about performing a personal Long Journey...?

Eric Tabarly
L'Association Eric Tabarly est née à la suite du grand mouvement spontané qui, en France et à l'Etranger, a suivi sa disparition.

Francis Chichester
Solo airplane pilot and circumnavigating sailor.

Julio Villar
This spanish solo sailor, circumnavigated the world in a 7 mts. Mistral, between 1967 and 1972. Unluckily there is no a devoted site, but you may get his book  ¡Eh, Petrel! (In Spanish)

Alain Gerbault
Le 25 avril 1923, un homme part à la conquête de son bonheur, à la découverte de lui-même, Alain Gerbault appareille pour son tour du monde. Une plaque apposée dans le port de Cannes le rappelle aujourd'hui...

José Luis de Ugarte
Spanish solo sailor. He circumnavigated alone when he was 70, at the BOC Challenge 1990-91, and then at the Vendée Globe 1993 (Site In Spanish)

Adrian Hayter  (Book: "Sheila in the wind")
Circumnavigated in his 38' wood yawl "Sheila II" and then in Valkyr, 25' wood sloop.

Robin Knox Johnson
He build and sailed Suhaili around the world, winning the Golden Globe award.

LIST OF SOLO CIRCUMNAVIGATORS (By the Joshua Slocum Society)
Although a comprehensive list, there are still missing folks, some of them listed up here.


The Centers for Disease Control
World health information including recommended immunizations for visiting locations all around the world.  También en Español.

"No previously healthy person should die of hypothermia after they have been rescued and treatment has been started."

Preparing for Medical Emergencies while Cruising.
Most prudent skippers give a great deal of thought and preparation to handling engine or rigging failure, but few gives similar attention to planning for medical emergencies.

Chest Pain While Cruising.
Do you know what to do ?

Motion Sickness
A Medical approach to this malady. Professional treatment of this matter. You may find more light approaches (But also useful) from Seasickness prevention and cure from Captain Mike Maurice.


Sailing magazines list at
Here you have an exhaustive list of sailing magazines with information on the net.

Practical Boat Owner Magazine (Guillermo's favourite)
A well known magazine, plenty of information and useful tips for all of us who love our boats and enjoy sailing, working at and maintaining them. You can get info on the Banjer 37, appeared in several English magazines, back to 1969, through their very good Copy Service.


A short guide to osmosis and its treatment, by Nigel Clegg.  
One of the best and most illustrative paper we have read on the subject.

DIY Online Magazine
Available in either print or electronic version, DIY boat owner is a quarterly technical magazine for owners of powerboats and sailboats that shows you how to perform routine maintenance, install accessories, troubleshoot engines and electronics, etc.

Osmosis: Beware of blisters
A clarifying approach for non-experts. By Gino Ciriaci.

This essay is intended to give you a fundamental understanding of the causes and effects of corrosion, as well as how to identify problems and correct them before they become severely damaging.  Related article: Corrosion in Marinas

The Galvanic isolator explained
The purpose is to disconnect your wet metal parts from the dock supply in order to prevent electrolysis.
You'l find here instructions on how to do one by yourself at a low price.

Wiring Rules and Regulations
The most recognizable Rules and Recommendations currently in use around the world.

Paragon Gearboxes
Great Lakes Powers , is the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the Paragon Marine Transmission, formerly The Paragon Gear Works of Tauton, Massachusetts.
A good connection for marine engines, parts, service, and information, where you may find manuals out of print for old models.

Fitting a Propshaft alternator, by Denis Glennon
...The unsurpassed joy we get from listening to Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion singing “The Prayer” (on repeat!), as we sail on a star-lit night, not worrying about “precious amps,” places the topic of propeller drag in perspective relative to what matters in this life...

Yacht Survey  
D.H. Pascoe & Co. most interesting site, not only about surveys, but also plenty of excellent formation about blisters, leaking windows, engines, maintenance, troubleshooting, buying a used boat, etc. Really good. Worthwhile a visit.

The Marine DIY
Bob Pone put together this Web site so he can share with you some of the valuable information that he has gathered and discovered during his years of sailing and boating experience.

Marine Electrics   
Sales location for John Payne's The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible. It also includes information on all marine electric and electronic systems, including a pre-cruise checklist. They offer a marine electrical and electronic newsletter. The site has lots of useful information including a list of ham radio nets. Very good  "Electrics Checking List" as well as an useful Essential Links page.

Trouble Free Deck Teak ?
At Southern Ocean they commercialize this new PVC, UV stabilized, simple to lay TEK-DEK, which seems an interesting alternative to the very expensive original thing. For a handy DIY, it's said you only need a craft knife and adhesive spreader...

Marine Sanitation
Lots of useful general information within this commercial site, with a focus on USA legislation. Pretty good.

Boat Diesel is dedicated to providing Owners and Dealers with an independent source of information on every aspect of Marine Diesels and Associated Equipment. Much of the site is freely available to everyone. Excellent. Pay a visit to their section You'll find there 1853 Engines (Including Perkins 4236 M) and Auxiliaries. Also Forums and useful calculators available to members.

 Motorsailers & Motorsailing

Motorsailers & Motorsailing
Find lots of info at these Motorsailers' concept devoted pages, from the hands (and non-sleeping nights!) of the BMC Commodore.

The Claymore Motorsailer Owners Group.
The Claymore Owner's Group is a not-for-profit group currently consisting of owners, and soon-to-be owners of the venerable Claymore Motorsailer, from around the world. The objective of the Claymore Motorsailer Group is to enhance the pleasure of owning and/or sailing a Claymore.


      Bellingham Chart Printers   
Bellingham Chart Printers (BCP) has been reproducing quality black and white navigational charts for over 33 years. During this time our discounted nautical chart copies have safely guided Bluewater Sailors for hundreds of thousands of miles.
In Folio Form, the 2/3 Size Chart Reproductions cost 76% LESS THAN ORIGINALS  and Full Size Chart Reproductions are 61% less than Original navigation charts.  BCP black and white chart reproductions are copies of current edition NIMA (NGA) and NOAA nautical charts created by those hydrographic offices.

JavaScript Navigators
Useful JavaScripts sailing calculators: Mercator Sailing, Meridional Parts, Great Circle Sailing, General purpose Sight Reduction and Sun's information and Sight reduction.

On-line Nautical Almanac
You may also download the program "Navigator Light" from this page.

Star finder
Star Finder shows the celestial bodies used in celestial navigation (most visible stars (56) and planets (4), Sun and Moon), for a given position and time.

Sun and Moon
What you need from Sun and Moon to navigate and much more. From the U.S. Naval Observatory.

NMEA-0183 and GPS information
A directory regarding these matters, maintained by Peter Bennet.

Free Cellestial Navigation Software.
Just what it says. Most useful for the salty no GPS navigators.

Advanced Marine Navigation Course  
A very good and comprehensive online marine navigation course, from Sailing Issues site.The aim of this course is to teach you how to navigate safely while using the minimum of resources: methods which have been in use since the Middle Ages, and are still applied by the professionals. Recommended by the International Sailing Federation. Excellent.

World Time
Go to World Time Server site, where you can get the time, within the minute, at any major city in the world, as well as download for free a program that allows you to syncronize your computer clock with an athomic one. Great to keep your clocks accurate.

Time Zones
Link to the US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department's Time Zone Map.. Provides printable maps in PDF and PostScript formats.

Global Positioning System Overview
More than you need to know about GPS. By Peter H. Dana from The University of Colorado at Boulder

Marine Planner  
Free online nautical charts! Interactive charts and maps with the ability to plot your course on chart print-outs. The site includes a tripper planner, weather station, tools & reference section, online logbook, discussion, links and more.

 Radio & Comms

Offshore communication and electronics
These documens are offered to the offshore sailing community as part of the CCAs commitment to use its collective wisdom and experience to influence "the adventurous use of the sea" through its efforts to improve seamanship and safe yachting procedures (PDF documents).

Ham radio nets
A selection of useful Ham Radio Nets extracted from the listings in the Marine Electrical & Electronics Bible. If you are not a licensed operator, invest in a receiver only and listen in, the information can be invaluable.

Radio Procedures
A commonly understood format is necessary on a radio network and this is achieved with procedures that are designed to ensure order and discipline.

Sail Mail
A non-for-profit association providing e-mail services for yachts via marine HF SSB radio. Lots of help about this matter.

International VHF Marine Radio Channels & Frequencies
Adapted from the International Telecommunications Union Radio Regulations Appendix S18, including changes adopted by the 1997 World Radio Conference

WinLink 2000
Providing full-featured digital email transfer, position reporting, weather, and bulletin service to the amateur radio community Worldwide where Internet access is not available.

GMDSS (USCG) Brochure
GMDSS is an automated ship to shore distress alerting system that relies on satellite and advanced terrestrial communications links.


Worldwide Sea Rescue Services.
Find your own area one and support who cares for your life.

Personal Flotation Devices
USA regulations about life jackets and flotation devices.

Safe Fun on water
ISO bulletin on flotation devices and others. Explains terms and definitions and standards to be complied. PDF document.

Boating Safety Tips
No matter how many years you've been around boats, please take just five minutes to scan this information. People who hunt or fish from boats have one of the highest boat fatality rates. More die from falling off boats 16 feet and smaller than larger boats, and most boats are anchored at the time.

Carbon Monoxide
The silent killer aboard your boat

Marine Portable Fire Extinguishers
The most important part of any fire extin­guisher is the user

Lightning and Boats  
Info from University of Florida about this frightening matter.  You may find also useful info at


Heavy Seas
Some outstanding photos of heavy seas. Worthwhile to see them to understand why sometimes you'd rather be at the harbour's bar!

Boat crew seamanship manual  
The entire seamanship and handling manual used by the United States Coast Guard, available online or as a download. Covers everything from captain and crew responsibilities, to maneuvering, to special conditions including rescue by helicopter. If it's not in here, no one has ever encountered it before.

Roll Atenuation Strategies
By Michael Kasten. Excellent page about this most important matter for motorsailer owners.

Rules of the Road (IMO COLREGS)
These Rules shall apply to all vessels upon the high seas and in all waters connected therewith navigable by seagoing vessels.

High Seas Boat Handling  
Good resume about this matter from pages.

 Sailing Portals

Ik zoek een boot. nl  (Dutch)
Outstanding portal to search for your dreamed boat through dozens of worlwide brokering and manufacturers sites, with an european emphasis. Really good. Version in English: Surfing4boats

Alle Nederlandstalige sites over boten, sloepen, zeilen en varen met motorboten

US  Sailing
Encouraging participation and promoting excellence in sailing
Most important startpage in the Netherlands for sailing and watersports.

La Voile Les Voiliers   
This good and comprehensive, but somewhat slow, sailing site in French has a page dedicated to Banjers with a link to our site.

Friendly site about sailing, with special emphasis on Tanzers. On Français. They include 750 useful sailing links, with a french accent. Good Boatyards/Designers list.

Pioneros en brindar la mejor y más completa información para la navegación deportiva. Excelente site Argentino. Também em Português.

The virtual yacht club Yacht-L
Yacht-L is a virtual yacht club and a discussion list about sailing, yachting, cruising, racing, sail trimming, boat maintenance, rigging, stories about sailing, sail history sometimes, boat building and repair, etcetera.


Tides and Currents Predictor
Tides at thousands of locations throughout the world, as well as a comprehensive list of Current Speed Sites. Tide Predictor for any listed location, from one day up to two years ahead

A free 32 bit Windows 9x/NT 4.0 program for displaying predicted tides for about 9,800 locations around the world through 2038.

Tides & Tide Prediction   
If you don't like any of the two precedent tide predictors, here you have the most comprehensive listing of sites related to tides, oceans dinamics and currents. Impressive !

Calcul de la Marée   
Simple and most useful tide calculator for lots of ports the World around.  In French.


Do you need calculators...? You'll get atonished..!

RBBI Prop Calculator
Enter any 4 Variables and it Calculates the 5th

Wire Gauge and Current Limits
AWG-Metric equivalencies, with Load Carrying Capacities, plus an useful Voltage-drop Calculator

Marine Navigation Calculators
Lots of useful stuff for navigators, by the national Geospacial Inteligence Agency, including Great Circle and Mercator sailing.

This is a world favorite educational and research site, giving you an easier to use interface, with more converters, more features and quicker access.

Time Zone converter

Knots on the Web  
Everything you could imagine about knots, and much more!

Imperial/Metric Conversion Tables  

Dr. Carl Adler's Sailboat Calculation site
By simply entering the Water line length in feet, Length Over All, Displacement in pounds, the Beam in feet and the Sail area in square feet the sail calculator will instantly calc your boats Sailing Category, Capsize Ratio, Hull Speed in knots, Sail Area/Displacement, Displacement/LWL, Length Water Line/Beam and Motion Comfort.

Hull speed (displacement boats) calculator  
And also a lot of other quick calculators

The Beaufort scale
The Beaufort wind force scale is one of those simple things that seems to have always been around...

The Douglas sea and swell scale
The scale to estimate the state of the sea with english, italian, french and spanish terminology


Mediterranean Sea Weather  
Charts showing the latest analysis and short term forecast. Also detailed charts, text forecasts, satellite photos and observation reports.

Internet's most complete marine weather site. So they say...

ECMWF- European Center for Medium Range Forecast
Weather Center supported by 21 member States in Europe. 3 to 6 days forecasts at North Atlantic Area, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere and Tropical Belt. Links with every National Weather Service in member States.

An UK useful world-weather service , also in Dutch and French. Click in their Sailing section and you'll find a wind forecast for your sailing area, and much more.

National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center
(NHC) Maintains a continuous watch on tropical cyclones over the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Eastern Pacific from 15 May through November 30.

Tropical Storm Info from University of Hawaii
Good alternative to NHC. Info on Tropical  Cyclones the world around.

Caribbean Weather Center
Caribbean weather including marine forecasts, satellite images, hurricane analysis and SSB net information.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
Performing weather down under, and rated by BMC member Duck Soup as excellent.

Weather Software
A  comprehensive list of weather related software programs, we think could be of  interest to some of you.

 Web Sites Building & Computers Stuff

Domain Direct, Tripod, Bravenet, Net Resources , WebStats , GoGraph, The JavaScript Source
If you are planning to build your own site,  try these net services/programs, some of them for free. We used them to build this site.

Gibson Research Corporation   
Do you want to test your computer's shields and information leaking? Visit these most interesting pages, where an excellent free on line test are available.

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