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Buy & Sell
If you have a Banjer 37 for sale, or you are looking for one to buy, we'll place your advertising here for free.

Advertising Policy:  
We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information (Always provided by owners or brokers), neither the legal rights of the said owner or broker over the boats.
The updates of this page are only done from time to time, so prices and other details may have changed. Please always confirm with vendors.
Placement of an advertisement will be always at the Club criteria, based on good faith.
Brokers advertisings always link to their web pages and the accuracy of the information there is under their only responsibility.
We do not represent sellers or buyers, neither act as mediators. So we accept no commissions and no liability whatsoever, in the process of buy-selling of boats or their equipment. That is of the solely responsibility of the parts.