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Warning!: These pages are intended for Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club paying members only. If you are not a paying member, you are supposed not to be here and your presence is not welcome and probably illegal. Please abandon these pages. No person, apart from paying members, is allowed to use, for any purpose, some or all of the information within this page. Otherwise could be legally prosecuted by the Club and/or any or all of its members.

Honorary Chairman
  Hr. Maurits van Wassenaer

Board of Directors (august 2016 - going on)

Jan van der Loos (Holland)
Chris Brickell (UK)
Freek van Reen (Holland)
Ton van der Toorn (Holland)

Oscar Alstede
Secretary 2001-2007
Colin Whimster
Secretary 2007 - 2015


Banjer 37 Motorsailer Club

Jan van der Loos, Commodore:
Berkenbosch Blokstraat 9 ;
2586HD The Hague-Scheveningen
The Netherlands

Phone:    + 31 70 8200 121
Fax:         +31 70 8200 122

Freek van Reen, Treasurer
Wilhelminastraat 22,
5141HK Waalwijk
The Netherlands.

Mobile:       +31 653512858

BMC Delegacies

Bob Patrick
Western Pacific
Brian Hull
Papua New Guinea

Membership Fee Payment

At the BMC 2016 Meeting, members agreed for a new 3 years (2016-2019)
voluntary Contributing Membership Fee of 50 Euros, to be paid in a single payment.
If you want to become a Contributing Member, please contact the Treasurer for details.

The Club has a Bank account as follows::

Banjer37 MSClub account: (IBAN/SWIFT) NL75RABO0318289849
IBAN code: RABONL24,

Important Notes:

- Transfer of funds from outside the EU may be very expensive, so check with your bank first. All expenses should be on your side.
- Please do not send checks, as it is very expensive for the Club to cash them.
- Most of the paying members from outside The Netherlands use to send the money in bank notes by surface or air registered mail. There is a risk involved, certainly, but we think  it's not very high. If you decide for this option (preferred), you may send the 50 Euros in cash by surface or air mail  to:

Freek van Reen
Wilhelminastraat 22,
5141HK Waalwijk
The Netherlands.


All personal information provided by the members is confidential and will be used solely and strictly for the internal use of the Club.
Unless authorized, no private information on any particular member  will be divulged in the public pages by any means, except the boat's name & photos, for this site's purposes, as well as messages we understand do not contain sensible information and may contribute to the promotion of the Club.

At the private pages (password protected) we'll publish the name and e-mail addresses of members, as well as the main specs of their Banjers, to allow for personal contacts among them. These e-mail addresses have not an associated link, to avoid its capturing by the crawling machines of the Spammmers.

Home adresses and telephone numbers will be delivered only to other members by direct surface mail, to allow for contacts with members who have not e-mail. If you want to keep them confidential, please tell us.

If a member wants nothing from him/her to be posted, either in the public or private pages, we'll absolutely respect his/her instructions. Just tell us.

We'll post letters, messages, info and graphic material sent to us with that specific purpose, at the Club's only criterion.