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Trip to Denmark

Summer, 2010

We left beginning of June from our home-port Workum
Having strong nord winds it took us 2 weeks to arrive in Cuxshaven where we motored to Brunsbuttel over the Elbe

Brunsbuttel is the entrance of the Kieler canal,as you know, of course
Lots of boats in the Kieler canal,everybody had had the same problem and everybody had been stocked in Helgoland or else where on the wadden!

lock at Brunsbuttel

The Kielercanal we did it in 2 days staying a night in Rendsburg
Arriving in Kiel we found out it was the Kielerwoche!
We saw lots of beautifull big sailing boats while we were staying in the little harbour of Holtenau
2 days afterwards we left direction of Kappeln,still in Germany on the Balticsea

Next day we sailed to the beautifull island of Aero where we stayed on anker for a few days before continuing our way trough the Little Belt
We visited Borgense and Odense in the nord of the island of Fyn,day light almost 24 hours a day!

We met Stigs brother in Borgense
He owns a Fisher,he invited us to Vordingborg,so here we go,,,,

Last bridge to pass before arriving in the harbor of Vordingborg where Stig waited for us to indicate us a nice place in the marina

We spend marvelous days in Vordingborg and would have liked to stay longer
We thank Stig,Karen,Gorm and Liesbeth for their warm welcome
We decided to go back via Lubeck and the German canals because I like canals and we wanted to visit my father on our way going to Brussels were Naik is during this winter
So some pictures f those canals,we enjoyed it
But fist Nysted,a real Danish little village on the island of Lolland

It took us 2 weeks throug the German canals but it is realy amazing

After the German canals,the big river Rijn,The IJssel,The Twente Rijn kanaal untill Almelo where mij father lives
We changed the gearbox in Nieuw Amsterdam
There is a man there that has every spare part you need for the paragon gearboxes
He has also new ones and he knows every thing about paragon

We sailed over the Ijssel meer,Zeeland to Antwerp and finaly to Brussels
We have our winter berth in the Royal Yacht Club of Brussels where Bob is a member
Before leaving you a picture of our Jules who traveled the whole way and during 5 months with us on our beloved Banjer Naik

Bob and Jenny