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Gathering 2004

Second BMC Meeting and Banjers Gathering took place at
Veerhaven Marina, Rotterdam,  the 20,21 & 22nd of August 2004

(Flag: Courtesy Colin W.)

From the Commodore:

Dear fellowmembers and friends:
On August 20,21 & 22 we held our 2004 BMC Meeting and Banjers Gathering, that was a complete success. Twenty nine members with thirteen Banjers attended the event, as well as many enthousiastic friends, gathering a total of 67 people. There were crews from France and Holland, and members from those countries as well as from the UK, USA, Germany and Spain.  
We were honoured with the presence of Baron Maurits van Wassenaer, Eista founder and BMC Honorary Chairman, as well as Hans Havers, Chairman of the Rogger Motorsailer Club, and Frank Koorneef, Doerak Club member and webmaster for the Eista site, both of them BMC's Honorary Members.
We were generously supported by Kotug, a leading Dutch tugs company which's excellent premises were very close to the Veerhaven Marina, because of the nice help of Leen, our fellowmember and employee of that company.
Gathering begun with the arrival of Banjers, members and friends to Veerhaven Marina, mainly in the Friday afternoon,  where we heartly complimented each other and visited curiously all Banjers. In the evening we had a most pleasant Captain's Dinner at the Royal Maas yatch Club, maybe the most "chic" yatch club in Holland, with outstanding premises and a wonderful view over the Nieuwe Maas river.
On Saturday morning the 2004 BMC Meeting took place at the Balszaal, Hotel New York, located the other side of the river (We went there in water taxis) in the old Holland-Amerika Lines building, the place from where many Dutch people and others emigrated to the New Continent. This building is within the docks from where the Speedwell, the vessel that had borne some of the English separatists from the Netherlands, came to England to join for the momentous voyage of the Mayflower. The building is a delight and, if any of you goes to Rotterdam, you shouldn't leave without visiting.
After lunch at the hotel, we came back again to Veerhaven Marina where the Banjers Contest Jury visited all boats with sharpened pencils, to determine wich was the most outstanding Banjer present there. You can find the results and details of the contest downwards in this page.
At Veerhaven Marina all Banjers were put together in a very tight group, so most of the cockpits were close to the others and a wonderful ambiance was created, with people talking from one Banjer to another, having parties, singing songs (We even had a piano achordeon virtuosist on board SPROT, Lia, who performed most nice Dutch ballades!), joking, etc, etc.
On Sunday morning a Palaver (Captain's Meeting) took place at Kotug's premises, where Dees and Leen explained carefully how to perform the sailing through the Rotterdam Port (A really huge and busy one!) and the Admiral Sailing. All Banjers came first in a row to salute the "Admiral", then the sailing through the port, and finally saluted the Admiral again, in columns of three. Wonderful! This humble Commodore feels honoured and most grateful for this very nice and warm BMC members recognition.
We had a quick lunch on board every boat, and in the afternoon we went again to the Marina and from there we went for a Farewell Party to the NUL10, a very cozy and nice pub, where the Prizes for the Banjers Contest were given to the proud owners. Lots of jokes, farewells, beer drinking and so on. And so came the end for our 2004 Gathering. A most rewarding experience.
I want to thank from here Mr. Maurits van Wassenaer, for being once again with us in spite of his delicate health, the Honorary members who attended, as well as all the Banjer owners and many friends, specially all those coming from abroad.
Many thanks also to the Organizing Committee and the Contest Jury for a pretty well done job, and to Kotug for they very nice support.
And an special thanks and recognition to Ton Koot, our Honourable Treasurer and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the person without whom's dedicated effort, enthousiasm and well planned organization, this event may have never taken place.
See all of you in 2007!
Guillermo Gefaell
BMC Commodore.

Busy Banjers at Veerhaven
(Photo Courtesy: Leen W.)

We want to heartly thank KOTUG, a leading Tugs company in The Netherlands,
for the very kind support they gave to the BMC.
Visit their pages at for more information about them.

Sections in this page:

  4.-  BMC 2004 MEETING
  8.-  Other on-line information about our Gathering
  9.-  Letters from Members and Friends
10.-  Roggers Gathering

If you have nice photos or words for this site, please send them to the Commodore.


Friday 20th August

1300 hour   Start of the Gathering in Veerhaven Rotterdam.
                      Tour de Bateau. Meeting fellow members and visiting  the Banjers.
1930 hour   Grand Captain and Crew Dinner at the Royal Yachtclub the Maas.

Saturday 21 th August

1030 hour   Official BMC Meeting in the Balszaal, Hotel New York.
                      Speeches of the Board.
                      Banjer News
1230 hour   Lunch

1430 hour   Continuing the Tour de Bateau or free program (Shopping , Museums, Bars, etc.)
                      Inspection of Banjers by the Banjers Contest Committee.

The evening program was up to the Banjermembers themselves.

Sunday 22 th  August

1030 hour  Meeting of the Captains (Palaver) at Kotug premises.
                     Explaining the Rules of Admiralsailing (By Sail or Motor), an old Dutch
                     way of bringing salutes to the Admiral of the Fleet .
1200 hour  Leaving the port
1245 hour  Starting the Admiralsailing and bringing the salutes by group.
                     Tour through the Port of Rotterdam
1630 hour  Farewell party at Pub NUL10, close to Veerhaven.
                     Presenting the prizes for the Banjers Contest by the Commodore.

                     End of the 2004 Banjers Gathering.

 Banjers sailing into Rotterdam

There were two Banjers Convoys coming into Rotterdam, one from the North (Sixhaven Marina, Amsterdam), and a second one from the South (Jachthaven De Schelde, Vlissingen), via Middleburg, Veere and Willemstad.
Other Banjers came into Rotterdam by they own.

Amsterdam – Rotterdam: Southbound Convoy- SBC
(See the Convoy's Log downwards in this page)

Departure August 17th from Sixhaven Amsterdam, around  17.00 hours.
Night trip through Amsterdam.  Wonderful Dutch canals sailing.
Overnight at Gouda.
Arrived Veerhaven Rotterdam on August 19th at around 14.00

Convoy Leader:       CHAPEAU

Vlissingen – Rotterdam: Northbound Convoy- NBC

Departure August 17th at 12:00 hours from Jachthaven De Schelde, innersite Vlissingen (Flushing).
Overnight at Willemstad.
Arrived Veerhaven Rotterdam August 19th  in the afternoon.

      Convoy Leader:       JAN ONRUST

By their own:             MAGGY MAY, ASTRO, SPROT, DAMY III, NAUTILUS


(Photo courtesy: Leen W.)


Sixhaven Marina, Amsterdam, to Veerhaven Marina, Rotterdam, on board CHAPEAU.

CHAPEAU at the canals.
(Photo courtesy Ineke de G.)

August 17th

13:30  Commodore arrives to Sixhaven Marina, after flying from Spain to Schiphol airport. CHAPEAU and our honourable Treasurer are already there. Nice lunch on board with a good French wine with a funny name. After that, a repairing Spanish siesta.

17:00 ROBBE and her enthousiastic German crew arrives, and some minutes later LISANA. Departure towards Houthaven bridge, reached some 15 minutes later.

17:30 D'OUWE WILLEM arrives, with four on board. Cheerings, jokes, an all that wonderful stuff.

Waiting for the first bridge
(Photo Courtesy: Tom Z.)

18:00 Bridge opens and we go inside the Kostverloren Vaart canal, to wait for the opening of the train bridge, that only opens once a day in the early morning, for the Amsterdam crossing. Light dinner on board and some Dutch siesta this time.

August 18th

02:30  Passed the bridge with some other 20-30 boats more, one of them HYDROGRAF, a delighting 30 m length steel fastened old lady. We first waited for another 30+ boats coming northbound to pass. Bridge closes after us and the operator begins a bicicle ride, opening and closing bridges for the boats through the sleeping Amsterdam. Much interesting system. No voices heared in the maneouvres, run in an efficient and tidy manner by all crews. Lights code for the bridges is: Red (One or two) light(s): No pass; Red + Green: Ready to open the bridge; Green light only: Go ahead (And do it quickly!). We passed more than 12 bridges this way, following the big poops of Hydrograf.

04:15 Entered a lock, as sardines in a box.

04:40 We go out off the lock as a buffalos stampede, here with some shouting from unexperienced crews. ROBBE is hited on the port side by another boat.

05:15 Three more bridges are passed, and now we are outside Amsterdam.

Aproaching the Braassemermeer
(Photo courtesy: Tom Z.)

07:30  After a somewhat long sailing almost with no bridges, the four Banjers anchor close to the banks of the Braassemermeer, to get a rest, in the vicinity of Zuiderhem. D'OUWE WILLEM almost losts her anchor by freeing out the whole of the chain.

11:05 Sailing again towards Gouda, after some rest and a strong breakfast. Many commercial barges coming up and down. many of them are also a living home for their owners, and carry one or even two cars astern.
Motoring towards Gouda
(Photo courtesy: Tom Z.)

12:30  Some more bridges and even an aquaeduct, where we passed over the cars in the highway. Funny. Country side was beautiful, with lots of very nice houses, restaurants, etc., laying along the canal. Now we are sailing through what the Dutch call the Green Heart of Holland, were no buildings are allowed any more.

13:50  We tie up alongside a waiting dock, to wait for the opening of Spoorbrug train bridges. Weather has been fine, even hot, but with building winds from the south. We are at the entrance of Gouda.

18:00  ROBBE arrives after having to stop to present a claim with the police against the offending boat previously told.

18:30  Ineke, on board LISANA, offers the whole crews of four boats an excellent "Indish" dinner, with three main spiced courses and four or five different salads. Outstanding! We all love her.

Indish party at Gouda.
(Photos courtesy Ineke de G.)

20:00  ALBATROS with her nice crew arrives also, so we are now five Banjers!

21:13  Three very close train bridges open for us and some other boats. We pass to the other side, where we tie again to a waiting dock for the night. Wind from the SW is now stronger and there are some showers.

August 19th

06:15  Having breakfast and prepairing for the departure. Sky is almost clean, but becoming cloudy again  with low fast running clouds from the south.

07:00 The five Banjers left together to go on with the canal sailing. Wonderful!

Leaving Gouda in the early morning.
(Photo courtesy: Tom Z.)

07:30 We pass a double bridge and a lock, all together. At the lock there is now a 3 meters difference of levels and we go into a tiding area. Shore lines had to be held at hand at all times in the lock, to handle the rising.

08:45  We arrive to the Algere bridge, to access the river Nieuwe Maas. Wind has come to force 5-6 and there are ocasional showers. CHAPEAU and ROBBE tie in line to a post, while the others "dance around".

09:40  Passing the bridge with winds up to 32 knots.

10:00  Already inside Rotterdam waters, waiting for another bridge to open. Wind keeps on blowing hard. All of five Banjers are unable to tie to the docks lying barges, because the tide against the wind makes it difficult, and so we perform the "Banjers Ballet Overture" for a while.

Arriving Rotterdam
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

10:40 Passed the first bridge, but they tell us the next bridge (very close) will not open for the time being, because of the wind. More dancing around, now with a full force seven.

11:00 The bridge operator tell us they do not know when the bridge will open, so we go into the City Marina, to wait.  Nice place with a very good supermarket, where we replenish the food and wine stocks.
At the City Marina
(Photo courtesy: Tom Z.)

13:45 After a most rewarding lunch blessed by means of a delicious Spanish wine, bought at the supermarket, we are informed we are now able to pass the bridge. We leave in a hurry, with a second bottle of this warming wine waiting to be finished (...#$%&!).

Opening bridges in Rotterdam
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

14:15 Tied up in Veerhaven Marina, Rotterdam, after a short run. They are already here: ASTRO, SPROT and DAMY III. Lots of cheerings, kisses and embraces. We honourably finish the second bottle of wine. End of the Southbound Convoy's sailing.

(Click on image to go to Port of Rotterdam web pages)

Rotterdam is the largest port in the world, the second city and the industrial heart of the Netherlands and the economic, social and cultural centre of the Rijnmond (‘Rhine Estuary’) region. In addition, Rotterdam is a city of modern architecture, events, leisure and recreation. More than one million people from 162 countries live in the Rotterdam region.



BMC Honorary Chairman, Mr. Maurits van Wassenaer,
Hans Havers, Chairman of the Rogger Motorsailer Club
and Frank Koorneef, Doerak Club member and Eista Site Webmaster,
honoured us with their presence

29 Members and 13 Banjers!
(67 people together!)

Three Eista boats being not Banjers came to Rotterdam:

General view of Banjers at Veerhaven
(Photo courtesy: Frank K)

Another view of Banjers at Veerhaven
(Photo courtesy: Colin W.)

Banjers nesting
(Photo courtesy of Oscar A.)

Lovely little ladies
(Photo courtesy of Oscar A.)
The youngest member and Mum..
(Photo courtesy of Oscar A.)
Banjer pet...
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)
Members at Veerhaven
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)
Leen & Dees handling lines
(Photo Courtesy: Leen W.)
.. and also Tineke & Colin
(Photo courtesy: Leen W.)
Jopie, Brad, Ginny, Jan & Crawford.
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)
Wonderful Banjers!
(Photo courtesy: Leen W.)
Well deserved french siesta...
(Photo courtesy: Frank Koorneef)
Nice bows
(Photo courtesy: Frank Koorneef)
Banjer and big cousin Rogger
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)
Lovely Lydia
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)


Very elegant...
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

...and happy members...
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

....for an excellent dinner!
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)


As told, on Saturday morning the 2004 BMC Meeting took place at the Balszaal, Hotel New York, on the other side of the river Maas (We went there in water taxis). Hotel New York is in the old Holland-Amerika Lines' nice building, the place from where many Dutch people and others emigrated to the New Continent.

The Commodore gave a brief explanation on Club's life from it's beginning in 2000 (Words coming soon), and the Treasurer explained the economic situation. Secretary gave some explanations about the private web pages. Some decisions were made by the members and afterwards Dees gave a brief explanation about Sunday's Admiral Sailing. Commodore also explained the procedure for the Banjers Contest.

Water Taxis
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

Meeting was at the Balszaal, Hotel New York

(Click on image to go to Hotel New York pages)

General aspect of the Meeting at the Balszaal
(Photo courtesy: Colin W.)

Presidency of the Meeting
Ton Koot, Guillermo Gefaell & Oscar Alstede
(Photo courtesy: Colin W.)

Dees, member of the 2004 Gathering Organizing Committee
and Admiral Sailing Commander in Chief.
Dees de Smet
(Photo courtesy: Rob H.)

At the 2004 BMC Meeting, members agreed to the following:

1.- To approve the actual situation of the economics of the Club, explained by the Treasurer.

2.- To accept Mike Ingle, nephew of Alec Ingle, Stangate Marine founder, as a new Honorary Member of the Club.

3.- To keep the Club opened to all Banjer Owners worldwide, for free. Becoming paying members to collaborate to the economic health of the Club, is only an each member decision.

4.- Change the membership period of time from one to three years, from September to September, with a membership fee of 50 Euros for the three years, to be paid by members in a single payment.

5.- Accepting members other than Banjer Owners, as paying members (Only), under acceptance of the Board of Directors, after it's members studying carefully the merits of each case. Two new members in this category, one from UK and other from Germany were accepted at this Meeting.

6.- To renew the Board for a new three years period. Board will be as follows:

Guillermo Gefaell, Commodore
Ton Koot, Treasurer.
Oscar Alstede, Secretary.

7.- Ask the Board to simplify the two web sites issue, keeping in the public pages as many information as possible, just keeping the privacy of ownerships and particular details of members.

8.- To organize next Meeting & Gathering in August-September 2007. The possibilty of organizing the event in another country than Holland was opened and will be studied by the Board, but always trying to gather as many Banjers as possible. All suggestions are welcome.


On Saturday afternoon a team of experts, all of them Banjer owners who had not brought their Banjers into Rotterdam, visited all Banjers (Excepting MAGGY MAY, that arrived later to Veerhaven) to judge what was the best Banjer. Four Categories were judged:

- Best kept Banjer, as close as possible to the original.
- Best overall maintenance.
- Most interesting innovations.
- Better looking interior.  

The team of experts was as follows:

Guillermo Gefaell (SP)
Colin Whimster (UK)
Susan Mullins (UK)
Monique Lefevre (FR)
Bradley Wood (USA)

Banjers ready for the Contest
(Photo courtesy: Rob H.)

The Jury at work on board CHAPEAU...
(Photo courtesy: Frank K.)

... and work was not only having beers!
(Photo courtesy : Jennifer D.)

The judges gave every Category points from 1 to 10, and then the results of all five judges were summed, to get a total amount for that Banjer and category. Then the four categories results were added, to get the global figure for every single Banjer.

The overall winner was LISANA, an extraordinary Banjer, not only with a very good maintenace, and nice looking interiors, but also with a lot of excellent innovations. Her pointings for all four categories were:



Congratulations to all participants who are lovely people owning lovely boats!

On Sunday morning a Palaver (Captain's Meeting) took place at Kotug's premises, where Dees and Leen explained carefully how to perform the sailing through the Rotterdam Port and the Admiral Sailing. All Banjers came first in a row to salute the Admiral, then the sailing through the port, and finally saluted the Admiral again, in columns of three.

Palaver at KOTUG's. Dees on charge of explanations.
(Photo courtesy: Oscar A.)

The Banjer fleet orderly sails the port of Rotterdam
(Photo courtesy: Frank K.)

The "Admiral" salutes the fleet.
(Photo courtesy: Frank K.)

Banjers Squadron charging on...
(Foto courtesy: Frank K.)

...duly escorted by Port Authorities...
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

...the very conscious captains.
(Photo courtesy: Rob H.)

Pretty D'Ouwe Willem....
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)

....and Kittyhawk
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)

Returning to Veerhaven
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

Tying up, back in Veerhaven
(Photo courtesy: Leen W.)

(Please send photos!)

Party at  "NUL 10" Pub
(Photo courtesy: Oscar A.)
Another view
(Photo courtesy: Oscar A.)
Prize giving to Kittyhawk's lovely Irmgard...
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)
...and to contest winner LISANA
(Photo courtesy: Jennifer D.)

Commodore giving Special Prize to Treasurer for his excellent work with the organization.
(The medal says: You are the best!)
(Photo courtesy: Crawford D.)

 Other on-line information about our Gathering

Our honorary fellowmember Frank Koorneef published an article at the internet site
of Waterkapionen Magazine about our Gathering (In Dutch) . Click on name to know more.

Also there are news about us at the Eista site
Eista site (Dutch)                 Eista site (English)

You can find more great photos from this wonderful event at:


If you have pictures to share for these albums, please send to:

 Letters from Members and Friends, regarding the Gathering

From José, in Venezuela
Hola Guillermo, saludos desde Venezuela ...
Estuve viendo el reporte de la reunion de Banjers y la verdad que te felicito por tan excelente reunion. Mi esposa y yo disfrutamos el viaje virtual y esperamos poder acompañarlos algun dia.....

From Roy & Margaret N.
Hi ! Antilope,
Very sad we could not make Rotterdam but delighted it was a great success as I was sure it would be. As you know Banjer was wintering just below Lyon and we missed you comming through the canals..... ,I have not been able to find these sea nymphs they tell me exists, have you? Anyrate we talked and decided to return to the Med and make Barcelona our stay for a year so.... as it is a wonderful city, went in, full up went futher down the coast to Genester also full up, we are now in Torredembarra 45 miles from Barcelona where we shall winter,next year she will come back to the UK.....
How is that beautiful daughter going on? Have you got her working the sails yet ???!!!
Kindest regards Roy & Margaret

From new member Angus:

Dear Guillermo and Ton
Thank you both for your very warm welcome to me during the second Banjer gathering.
I so much enjoyed meeting you both and all your wonderful members. Clearly a wonderful honest and unpretentious boat attracts similar owners and crew.
I was very honoured to be accepted as a member and I thank you both for your support.
I hope the Admiral sailing was enjoyable and you both had safe journeys home.......


Dear Guillermo!
My pictures are not digital, but as soon as they return from the development...I will put them via the scanner.
It was a pleasure meeting you and the meeting was fantastic. Many thanks for bringing us together!
Banjer regards,

From new Honorary Member, Mike Ingle

Dear Guillermo
Thank you for your message, and I am pleased to accept the honorary membership. I was disappointed not to be at your gathering and will certainly arrange to be at the next one whether it is in UK or in 2007.
If the UK members would like to visit Littlhampton I am sure I can arrange facilities, as we still own the boatyard. I would lean on our tenants to make room for them.
I look forward to visiting the web site, and will contribute whatever I can to the association.
Best regards


Dear Guillermo and Ton,
Thank you both for a great meeting.
We had a very pleasant time, also during the convoy from Amsterdam to the  Veerhaven.
Here are some pictures of the "open air" dinner at Gouda.
We see you the next time.
Greetings from the Lisana.


Dear Guillermo
First of all, congratulations on the gathering, which must have been a super event. I am so sorry to have missed it, but I did have an excellent (sometimes rough) cruise to Ireland and back! Hopefully I can attend the next event, especially if it is in my part of the world. In fact it would be a pleasure - if you so wish - to help with the organisation if the event is held in my home waters of the Solent....
All the best.

Note from the Commodore:
You should visit PELICAN OF BIRDHAM's web pages at:  
I encourage all members to follow this example, and build also nice web pages for your beloved Banjers!


Our sister club, The Rogger Motorsailer Club, held also their annual Meeting
and first Roggers Gathering in Dordrecht, some days after the BMC Meeting.
The BMC Secretary and the Treasurer represented there the Banjer Club.

Click on image to access RMC pages on this event. Page "Laatste Nieuws" (In Dutch)
(Photo courtesy: Oscar A.)

You can find more Oscar's photos from this great event at: