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Coming to Middleburg

By Frank Cools

> Sailing your Banjer
The easiest way is to navigate over sea to Flushing/Vlissingen. There you enter the sluice towards the canal through Walcheren. After 4 miles (and 5 bridges) you are in the center of Middelburg.
Other over sea entries into The Netherlands are: Delfzijl, Lauwersoog, Harlingen, Kornwerderzand, Den Oever, Ijmuiden, Rotterdam (not recommended), Stellendam, Roompot (Eastern Scheldt/Oosterschelde).
From all these places one can join the 'staandemast route': an innercoastal route for yachts with fixed masts.
This route enables sailing-yachts and boats with a height of more than 6 meters to sail from Delfzijl (N) to Vlissingen (S) and vice versa.
More information: .

Here the link to the brochure 2010:
A version on paper from the 2010 brochure can be applied for :
- by e-mail:
- by phone:+31 0800-8002.

The local almanac 'ANWB Wateralmanak 2' contains all information of the Dutch waterways (harbours, facilities, time tables bridges and sluices ...). It can be bought in most yachting shops or via,/kaarten-en-atlassen/waterkaarten-en-atlassen/anwb-wateralmanak-2-2009-2010.html.
Charts for yachtsmen can also be bought in the yachting shops:
- 1800 serie from the Royal Navy


> By car
Any route planner 'll indicate the route to Middelburg.
Middelburg is at the end of the E312/A58 motor way. One can take exit 39 or 38. We prefer 38 (less trafic - see map).
Here a link to better see this image at Google Maps:

From Great Britain there are several car ferries. The nearest lines are:
- Harwich - Rotterdam
- Hull - Rotterdam
- Hull - Zeebrugge
- Rosyth - Zeebrugge
(Zeebrugge - Middelburg = 84 km; Rotterdam - Middelburg  = 102 km).

> By airplane
The nearest international airports are Schiphol and Brussels. From there one can take an intercity train to Middelburg.
All international airports have connections either to Schiphol and Brussels, or have a high speed train to these places (see by rail).
Local airlines are London - Rotterdam  ( ) and London - Antwerp, Mancester - Antwerp ( ) from there one can take the train to Middelburg.

> By rail
Europe's main high speed trains Thalys, Eurostar, TGV and be/int/N/trains/ice/index.php"ICE have connections to the nearest stations (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Brussels, Schiphol).

Train connections

Taking a high speed train one has to stop in the place nearest to Roosendaal (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Brussels, Schiphol) and take an intercity train to Middelburg (which always passes through Roosendaal).
- from Schiphol to Middelburg and from Brussels to Middelburg takes 2h20.
- from Rotterdam to Middelburg and from Antwerp to Middelburg takes 1h30.
- the section Roosendaal - Middelburg takes less than 50 minutes.

Middelburg station

Sight from Middelburg station towards hotels
Railway sites: