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Summertrip Chapeau 2008

Departure June 8th Andijk and sailed via Amsterdam, Scheveningen, Zeebrugge (Belgium), to Oostende. In Oostende waiting  for  Belladonna with our friends Gert and Marlieke. The 15th  they arrived.  Belladonna is a brand new Contest 50. The rest of the holyday we sailed together.
Next day to Nieuwpoort, than Duinkerken (France), Bologne sur Mer. After 1 day rest we depart 23th 13.00h. for Quernsey. We should start 10.00h but fischerman closed the harbour entrance. In Cherbourg we made a 6 hours tidestop and sleeped.
25th 18.00 EST we entered the Beaucette Marina in Quernsey. All the way motoring. Wind less 2 Bft.
Next day came Angus Bodman to say hallo. Gwyn Jones found out tanking in Beaucette is cheapest from hole the UK and Channel Islands.
28th to St.Peter Port for inspecting Bravour. Angus has done a lot of work. Bravour is in an excellent condition.
29th to St. Helier on Jersey.
30th Perros Guirec (France) The far most place. The entrance dries 4 m out. We must be there 2 hours +/- HW. In Perros Guirec we met other good friends also with a Contest named Druppel. A little bigger only 55ft. Despite the big ships everybody likes it to be aboard Chapeau.
Juli 1th friends living in PG drive us around for sightseeing. We spotted Bravour in a very small harbour. Angus has just started his holyday.
2th we headed to Lezardrieu, 3th to Paimpol both tide harbours,
7th st.Quay-Portriux,
8th St. Malo. A very rough trip, much wind, waves and a heavy tide. In St Malo lying next to the old city. Very nice.
10th to Granville.
11th to Iles Chaussey. Very small Island by HW. It looks like mooring at offen sea. By LW you find yourself surrounded by rocks. Difference is 15m. the biggest in Europe. Mooring for and aft. For landing we used the dingy.  It was the most interesting spot our holyday. Thanks Gwyn Jones, he gave us the tip.
13th back to Ganville tide harbour. On the way you see Mont St. Michel far away.
15th St. Helier Jersey. We met Chris Gladish with Kitty boot. Kitty boot is lying for a short time on Jersey. I heard from Angus he met Kitty boot too later that week.
16th Carteret . Also a tide harbour.
17th we headed to Alderney. 3 nights on a mooring. It was a little bit rough in the harbour.
21th St Vaast la Houque. tide harbour. Later at night we leave the harbour and anchored just outside. We can go the time us shouts. Because the next stop we planned was Deauville. The harbours between are not a good alternative to stop over. From St Vaast to Deauville we pass the invasion strands metricconverterProductID1944. In1944. In Arromanche the Allieds made an artificial harbour by sunking big pontoons. It was sattled wether so we decided to enter very carefull. There are a lot of wrecks around and in the harbour. It is very impressive to imaging what happens in 1944.  In Deauville we met our friends from the Druppel again. The rest of the trip we were with 3 boats. In Deauville we had the second birthday celebration - Ria from the Druppel - in an other very good restaurant. The first was Gert in Carteret.
26th Le Havre,
27th Fecamp,
29th St Valéry en Caux,
30th Dieppe, 31th Boulonge sur Mer,
August 2th Nieuwpoort(Belgium)
4th Zeebrugge,
6th Scheveningen,
7th Ijmuiden,
8th Amsterdam,
9th Andijk,
10th by car home
We had a very nice holyday. Mostly good wether.


Boulogne sur Mer: Harbour blocked by fischerman
BRAVOUR spotted in Brittany
Sunset in the North Sea
Belladonna entering Beaucette Marina on Quernsey
Bravour coming alongside Chapeau in St Peter Port
Chausey islands - 1
Chausey islands - 2
Chausey islands - 3